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President of Distant Horizon, Anant Singh announced today that Kimmel International, headed by Mark Lindsay, will be handling international sales of the remake of Nakata’s “Don’t Look Up” which is currently shooting in Los Angeles.  The film is produced by Distant Horizon in association with Action 5, Hakuhodo Media Partners, Wow Wow Inc. and Bandai Visual. 

“Don’t Look Up” is set to be a scary Hollywood re-make of master Japanese director, Hideo Nakata (“The Ring”, “The Ring 2”, “Dark Water”) original film with award-winning cinematographer, Poon Hang Sang (“Kung Fu Hustle”, Jet Li’s “Fearless”) shooting and with special effects being overseen by Leonard MacDonald and the Creature FX team whose credits include “300”, “I Am Legend” and “The Last Samurai”.

Directed by award winning Hong Kong filmmaker, Fruit Chan (“Dumplings”, “Three Extremes”), the film stars Reshad Strik (“Hills Have Eyes 2”), Henry Thomas (“Legend Of The Fall”, Carmen Chaplin (“All About the Benjamins”), Kevin Corrigan (“Departed,” “American Gangster”) and Lothaire Bluteau (“Black Robe,” “Jesus of Montreal”). 

Set in and around an abandoned film studio from another era, “Don’t Look Up” charts the unravelling sanity of a director and his crew when spirits from that bygone era invade the film stock of the contemporary production and, in a few stark frames, open a horrifying window on a terrible curse from the past.

Commenting on the deal with Kimmel, Anant Singh said, “We are pleased to have concluded a deal with Kimmel International to handle international sales on “Don’t Look Up”.  We worked with Mark Lindsay while he was at Spelling and Miramax and we are delighted to  collaborate with him in selling “Don’t Look Up” to international territories.”

Mark Lindsay, President of Kimmel International commented, “We are thrilled to be handling international sales on “Don’t Look Up” for Distant Horizon and Action 5. We expect the film to do very well in Cannes as it has the right elements of the suspense thriller genre.”

“Don’t Look Up” is a Distant Horizon production in association with Action 5, Hakuhodo Media Partners, Wow Wow Inc. and Bandai Visual. It is directed by Fruit Chan and stars Reshad Strik, Henry Thomas, Carmen Chaplin, Kevin Corrigan, Daniela Sea, Zelda Williams, Eli Roth and Lothaire Bluteau.  It is written by Shoko Sterling-Seiko, executive produced by Philip Lee, Sudhir Pragjee, Sanjeev Singh, Richard Jeffery, Satoru Yoshida, Katsumi Otani and produced by Anant Singh, Brian Cox and Yoko Asakura.

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