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Recently completed in Africa is Prey, written and directed by Darrell James Roodt (the Academy Award Nominated Yesterday), along with co-writers Beau Bauman and Jeff Wadlow (writers of Cry Wolf). Prey is an intense thriller inspired by true events that see a dream holiday become an African nightmare when three American tourists get lost and desperately out of their depth in the remote bush, while being hunted by a pride of persistent and ruthless lions. The cast includes Bridget Moynahan (I Robot, Lord of War) as American, Amy Newman, Peter Weller (24, RoboCop, Naked Lunch) as her husband Tom Newman, and Carly Schroeder (Firewall, Mean Creek) as their 14 year old daughter. Connor Dowds (Glory Glory) and Jamie Bartlett (Red Dust) round off the cast.

Distant Horizon’s Anant Singh and Brian Cox are producers of the Dimension Films production of Pulse, a remake of the Kiyoshi Kurosawa Japanese horror film that Jim Sonzer directed, with Kirsten Bell and Ian Somerhalder starring.

Currently in post-production is the Arab-American drama American East starring, Tony Shalhoub, the Emmy-winning star of the hit series Monk, Kais Nashef, lead actor in the international hit and Oscar-nominated Palestinian film, Paradise Now and Egyptian-American actor Sayed Badreya. Badreya co-wrote the script with director Hesham Issawi. Singh and Distant Horizon’s Brian Cox are producers, along with partners Mohannad Malas and Ahmad Zahra of Tala Corp. American East examines long-held misunderstandings about Arab culture and puts a human face on a segment of this American population that is presently in the spotlight. The story highlights the pressures under which many Arab-Americans live today.

Distant Horizon recently acquired the worldwide rights to the gripping docu-feature, The Journalist And The Jihadi: The Murder Of Daniel Pearl which tracks the parallel lives of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl and jihadi Omar Sheikh. Both highly educated individuals from privileged backgrounds, the two men saw the world differently, but with seemingly similar passion and commitment. One was a humanist, who spent most of his career reporting from the Islamic world on a quest to promote cross-cultural understanding; the other was a militant who ultimately chose a deeply violent path to express his views. After 9/11, their paths crossed in Pakistan, with tragic consequences. The film will its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York in April 2006.

Chain of Desire, which stars Linda Fiorentino, Malcolm McDowell, Grace Zabriskie, Seymour Cassel and Patrick was shot entirely on location in New York City. The Film opened theatrically in the United States in 1993 and was distributed by October Films.

Dead Beat, produced by Distant Horizon in association with actor Christopher Lambert, was shot in Arizona. The picture, starring Bruce Ramsay, Natasha Wagner and Balthazar Getty premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 1994.

Distant Horizon successfully distributed Sarafina based on the acclaimed Broadway musical that has toured the U.S., Canada, Japan, and Europe. The script was written by award winning writer William Nicholson and starred Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg. It was released by Hollywood Pictures in the U.S. and by Warner Brothers in the U.K.

In 1993, Distant Horizon produced The Mangler in association with Anant Singh and Allied Film Productions, starring Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street - parts 1-5) and Ted Levine (The Silence of the Lambs). The script, based on a short story by Stephen King, is co-written by, among others, Tobe Hooper (Poltergeist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre), who also directed the film. The special effects on this film are by an award-winning team of Hollywood talent whose credits include Super Mario Brothers, Beetlejuice, Aliens, Predator and The Addam’s Family.

Distant Horizon acquired the international distribution rights for "Yankee Zulu", a comedy made in South Africa. The company re-scored and re-edited the film to make it more commercial and appealing to international audiences. "Yankee Zulu" was released by Columbia Tristar in Germany where it grossed $ 3 million at the box office.

The BBC Films co-production Captives was directed by Angela Pope, starring Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction) and Julia Ormond (Legends of the Fall, First Knight and Sabrina). The picture was selected as the opening film in the Venetian Nights section of the 1994 Venice Film Festival, in addition to its selection for Gala Presentation at the 1994 Toronto Film Festival. Captives was released by Entertainment in the U.K. and by Miramax Films in the United States.

Cry, The Beloved Country is Distant Horizon’s most significant feature film. Seven years ago they bid aggressively and acquired the coveted film rights to Alan Paton’s profound literary classic Cry, The Beloved Country, but delayed production until South Africa attained democracy. Paton’s story was adapted for screen by Oscar nominee Ronald Harwood (The Dresser, The Browning Version) and directed by Darrell James Roodt. The film stars Academy Award nominees James Earl Jones (The Great White Hope) and Richard Harris (This Sporting Life and The Field) and a stellar local cast including Vusi Kunene (The Line), Leleti Khumalo (Sarafina!) and Abigail Kubeka. The music is scored by five-time Academy Award winner, John Barry (Dances With Wolves, Out Of Africa, Born Free and The Lion In Winter).

Scorpion Spring, produced by Distant Horizon and shot in Arizona, charts the emotional journey of an American youth Zac, as he is swept up in an intricate, RASHOMON - like desert flight involving the Border Patrol and tow Mexican aliens whom he thoughtlessly tries to assist. The film stars Alfred Molina, Ruben Blades, Esai Morales and Matthew McConaughey and was scored by the award-winning Lalo Shifrin.

Face, a co-production with BBC Films and directed by Antonia Bird (Priest) and stars Robert Carlyle (Priest, Trainspotting and The Full Monty) as well as Ray Winstone and Damon Alburn (lead singer of the rock group Blur). Face is about a group of London thieves who rob an armoured car, but are forced to close ranks when one member double-crosses them and steals the loot. The film premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival in August 1997, and was selected for the Renaissance Section of the Venice Film Festival and had a special presentation screening at the Toronto Film Festival.

Bravo Two Zero co-produced with the BBC and based on the multi-million best selling book by Andy McNab was shot in South Africa. It is the story of a crack SAS troop, that embarked on a top secret mission, in January 1991, to infiltrate Iraqi territory and sever strategic communication lines between Baghdad and North West Iraq and to seek and destroy mobile SCUD launchers. Bravo Two Zero is an awe-inspiring account of a troop of Special Forces with exceptional courage and endurance in the face of overwhelming adversity. Sean Bean (Golden Eye & Anna Karenina) stars as Sergeant Andy McNab and the film is directed by multi-award winning director Tom Clegg.

The Theory of Flight starring Helena Bonham Carter and Kenneth Branagh was shot in Cardiff and London, is a darkly comic film that charts the outlandish relationship that grows between a young woman, Jane (Bonham-Carter) afflicted by Motor Neurone Disease and her reluctant and somewhat eccentric care-giver, Richard Hopkins (Brannagh). The film was also co-produced with the BBC and was directed by Paul Greengrass.

In 1998, Distant Horizon co-produced Get Real with Graphite Films in association with British Screen and The Arts Council of England. The film follows the fate of a group of teenagers in Basingstoke as they dance their way through the minefield of adolescence and their sexual orientation. Sixteen year old Steven Carter is finding it increasingly difficult to reconcile life in the Sixth Form with the pressure of his parents’ aspirations and his own inner state of hormonal overdrive. The film features a remarkable line up of young British talent, including Ben Silverstone (The Browning Version, Lolita) Brad Gorton, Charlotte Brittain, Tim Harris, Stacy Hart, Kate McEnery and James D. White and marks the directorial debut of helmer Simon Shore. Get Real won the Standard Life Audience Award at the 1998 Edinburgh Film Festival and scooped the main prizes at the Ninth British Film Festival of Dinard, viz. Trophee Hitchcock d’or (The Jury Prize), Trophee Hitchcock (The Audience Award) and the Trophee Hitchcock Kodak (The Cinematography Award).

I CAPTURE THE CASTLE is a classically romantic tale of a young girl's emotional journey into adulthood, as she discovers the secrets of her own feelings and sexuality. Along the way, she must encounter the trials and tribulations that life throws at her, many of which are hilarious, some of which may prompt a tear. Set against the stunning backdrop of awe-inspiring castles, dramatic landscapes and glamorous 1930's London, this is a film that will charm and delight.

Zu is the legendary province of ancient Chinese mythology where the underworld, the material world and the enlightened world intersect. It is here that a fierce and beautiful warrior princess Ying and her fellow soldiers are called upon by Grand Master Longevity to fight in the war against the evil lord, Insomnia and his army of darkness. Their only chance of defeating him, Lingevity reveals, is to capture the spirit of Distant Brilliance, a sacred magic force, and to learn to manoeuvre the combined power of the Violet and Sapphire swords. Ying and the handsome Xuan find the swords, which emit crackling beams of laser light and fall in love as they train side by side.

Mr Bones is the highest grossing South African film of all time and is the king of the
Kavuki tribe is ageing and does not have a male heir. A white witchdoctor, Mr Bones was adopted by the tribe as a child, has learnt the art of divining the future by reading the bones one day reads that his beloved king has a long lost son somewhere in the "City Of The Sun" (Sun City). The king orders Mr Bones to bring his son to him and on arriving at the City Of The Sun, the Million Dollar Golf Challenge is underway and he thinks that the American golfer, Vince Lee is the lost Kavuki Prince. Mr Bones then goes about trying to re-unite the king with his son and the result is a series of hilarious encounters with Vince, his eccentric manager Pudbedder and a host of other people that are determined to keep Vince playing in the tournament.

In 15 years Distant Horizon has produced more than 35 films that have been distributed globally. Distant Horizon is committed to making and distributing quality, cost effective films with a recognisable cast.


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